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Oyunda altyazı desteği yok  :)
Sene 2018 hala assassins creed 1 in türkçe yaması yok arkadaş bu çalışma kaç sene sürüyo
Ubisoft patch yayınladı her AC oyunu için. Bu da Türkçe yamayı bozuyor. Kısacası oyunun sürümü ve yapılan
Türkçe yamanın sürümü uyuşmuyor. Şuanlık sadece Ac2 yeni sürüme güncellendi. AC2 Dışındaki oyunlar ise zamanla güncellenecekmiş. Detaylı bilgi için AC Türkçe yamalarının yayınlandığı Animus Projesi adlı siteye bakabilirsin. :)

Allah razı olsun 728 gösterimde 1 cevap. Teşekkür ederim bilgi için, Bari steamdeki gibi önceki pactch e dönme olayı olsaydı.
Distributor firm Nexon declared today that popular MMORPG games at Buy Maplestory Mesos will soon be launching popular motif series Evangelion-based events. In-game Evangelion events will begin on February 28, 2018 and will continue for a month, ending March 28, 2018. At this time, players will be able to interact with characters, traveling across dimensions, and finish particular missions and special events out of Evangelion films.

The crucial features of MapleStory X Evangelion activity are: Evangelion Coin Shop - After finishing the Evangelion themed events and tasks, players will have the ability to earn the currency named EVA Coins and swap them for particular items that will be provided for a limited time. Among these items are seats, medallions and even a variety of permanent equipment.

Evangelion Style Boxes - For a brief time the players will be able to acquire special surprise boxes, accessories and clothes, and use the characters they created in MapleStory such as in Evangelion.

Special Items - In precisely the same time, the gamers will get special random boxes, and if they open them, Evangelion-related items will come from these. With hair vouchers you can organize your character like Evangelion.

MapleStory has already signed similar events and the game includes characters from various anime series such as Sword Art Online, Re: Zero, Attack on Titan and Hatsune Miku.MapleStory 2 opens early Enrollment for the English Model

Since its debut in 2015, MapleStory 2 has always got the focus of a significant number of Vietnamese gamers because of the non-target activity gameplay with exceptionally interesting combos, almost all players control. Move characters from the game via the computer keyboard. The game is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Nexon Korea.

Inheriting the success of the previous version, the game continues to exploit the cute images on a unique 3D platform and draw out new and interesting gameplay style in compliance with the trend of the era. Not to lose the inherent identity to bring a digital universe that appeals to both new and old gamers.

MapleStory 2 has been attracted to China marketplace since 2016 and formally launched the Open Beta version in September 2017. Games are released as free so Vietnamese players will engage very easily, no need to shell out cash to purchase games such as the Korean version.

Lately, the Maplestory2 Mesos English site has been declared by Nexon America, and also the sport has also opened for enrollment in the English version, which runs till the following day. Moreover, MapleStory 2's Closed Beta testing program is scheduled from May 9th to May 16th.
AC Rogue Haberleri / MMO experience using a good narrative
« Son İleti Gönderen: 4Rsercom 19 Nisan 2018, 04:01:09 »
It does not throw too much in the beginning in the start, and also sports a very clean UI that generally makes sense and will get you where you need to go in only a few button presses. These and a number of other elements make Cheap Tera Gold make a great deal of sense for consoles, which I am convinced is a joy for a lot long-time players of this genre. TERA is really a fun game with lots of addicting gameplay loops and grinds that add up to an adventure that does not stand out too as it did a few decades ago, but still holds up nicely if you're looking for a neatly arranged MMO experience using a good narrative.

Speaking of narrative, TERA's lore is pretty typical RPG-fare. The two personalities of primary focus, Arun and Shara, titans who wield quite intense power and whose fates became linked in an inevitable way, or so the story has plenty of fantastical nonsense for enthusiasts of the genre to enjoy. Blue hole really went out and clearly had too much fun when designing this entire world, and that's a fantastic thing.

The gameplay is really easy-going for quite a while, as you can perform quite a large chunk of this story missions without a lot of help before things get hard and force you to get serious about the ins and outs of the races and classes. But when the difficultly does ramp up, it remains there, supplying a great, relatively well-paced amount of challenge throughout. The classes you have to choose from is of a pretty solid selection, and there ought to be one course here that talks to you.

Though a lot of the character models look pretty good in terms of design and detail, the worlds themselves are somewhat dull in that department, and seldom bring you any designs or aesthetics you haven't noticed a thousands times before. That buy xbox tera gold having been said, I would not say any of the worlds or dungeons quite cross into boring territory. They're just... unremarkable. For as detailed and interesting as the characters could be, I feel like it's an odd juxtaposition to play them in this bland-looking world.
Assassin's Creed Syndicate / How to Make the Most from Your Game
« Son İleti Gönderen: 4Rsercom 19 Nisan 2018, 03:53:57 »
I get a slashing attack creating 6'8 Sg, at 74 all-embracing he is about appealing great, I could even strike in esplanade (cept my accompany are anatomy and Buy NBA 2K MT Coins new to the match).

His stats are all of the way through decent dunking, Layups, abundant mid ambit and proper 3.

However, my accompany accepting no basketball ability ( it seems like anyways) are an real 6'5 stage (ass) and 6'6 infant ahead. Safe to state in esplanade we don't get rebounds lmao.

So my primary acumen for authoritative this new physique is to get rebounds and guidance them on aegis because lawd, they charge it.

My Sg is a adequate dunker but abandoned maxes in 84 and I funding HOF affiche that's why I am traveling with a authentic athletic. Andi ambition to be in a position to bullwork amateur with my pf and become additional VC for my cutting gaurd.

Fun astute I expect 6'9 will be amazing, you're in actuality 83 rate, with 99 active dip, and 89 layup, 94 acquaintance dunk.

For applied affidavit I'm aptitude added appear 6'11, still proper acceleration at 64, 90 forcing, 99 contact, larger arresting stats and basically I don't wish to be afraid on park.

Both acquire appropriate mid ambit and 60ish 3. How abnormally would accepting 6'9 appulse me?

I would anticipate it would be abundant because I can not actually get rebounds in spite of a 6'8 Sg in esplanade because everyone's added athletic.

For pleasure I would say 6 slashing playmaker because you can acceleration addition on violation and still take attractive well.

If youre tryna accomplish a buil to accomplish up for your accompany reach a sharpshooting rebounder max height.

It'll advice advance the ground, advice accomplish up to your buddies, and you still find argent rim shield and posterizer.

2k18 is my aboriginal 2k so I was terrible, I looked up those bothersome youtubers talking about demi-god that,demigod that, so I fabricated a authentic sharpshooter. Its a 92 plus it was fun at the moment.

If you REALLY ambition to be the larger advice on answerability and aegis I awful acclaim a real point advanced 6'9. They're the ultimate about build NBA Live Mobile Coins.

They can take, their ablution is adequate, their accidental is top and also you may about about-face a authentic slasher to a real aciculate with dimer Hall of Fame (kidding).

My real purpose is that a 90 at the moment, and I like it 10x afresh my authentic sharp. Not abandoned is he a big man who will run pg, he can stride addition in that acme to boxout any big men.
Aslında oyunu nasıl ve nereden alacağına göre değişiyor bu soru. Ps4 üzerinden konuşmak gerekirse indirimde psn kardeşliği yaparak 50 liraya alabilirsin Origins'i. Tabii ben Origins'i 180 lira verip kutulu almıştım çıktığı gibi. PC fiyatı bile çok pahalıyken ve oyun D&R gibi yerlerde 350 lirayken çok ucuza kapattığımı düşünüyorum.
Oyunlardan Haberler / Ynt: Sıradaki Assassin's Creed Oyunu Nerede Geçecek?
« Son İleti Gönderen: kratos 18 Nisan 2018, 20:52:28 »
God of War Ubisoft ilişkisini çözemedim, Ubisoft'la alakası yok diye biliyorum o oyunun kaçırdığım bir nokta mı var?
Yazar arkadaş kendince yorum katmış. God Of War'la alakalı bir durum yok hocam.
Ubisoft patch yayınladı her AC oyunu için. Bu da Türkçe yamayı bozuyor. Kısacası oyunun sürümü ve yapılan
Türkçe yamanın sürümü uyuşmuyor. Şuanlık sadece Ac2 yeni sürüme güncellendi. AC2 Dışındaki oyunlar ise zamanla güncellenecekmiş. Detaylı bilgi için AC Türkçe yamalarının yayınlandığı Animus Projesi adlı siteye bakabilirsin. :)
Oyunlardan Haberler / Ynt: Sıradaki Assassin's Creed Oyunu Nerede Geçecek?
« Son İleti Gönderen: kaskal 08 Nisan 2018, 22:53:10 »
İsa'yı kurtaramazlar da  :'( Ama kefeniyle Brutus'u bir iki saniyelik kurtarabiliyorlar.
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